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M. Bratakos


Michael S. Bratakos

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Latest Degree: Ph.D. University of Patras, Greece, 1990
Research Interests: Applications of Instrumental Analysis in determination of several chemical compounds and trace elements; nitrate and nitrite; pesticides; nutrients and vitamins in Greek Diet.

Teaching: Instrumental Analysis of Foods.

Scientific and Professional Organizations:
Association of Greek Food technologists
Greek Chemists Association

Selected Publications:
Bratakos M.S., Zafiropoulos T.F., Siskos P.A. and Ioannou P.V. (1988). Total selenium concentration in taped and Bottled Drinking water and crystal waters of Greece. Sci. Total Environ. 76:49-54.

Bratakos M.S., Kanaki H.C., Vasiliou-Waite A. and Ioannou P.V. (1990). The nutritional selenium status of healthy Greeks. Sci. Total Env., 91:161-176.

Bratakos M.S., Lazos E. and Agelousis G. (1983). Salt content in some snacks, bakery products and salted dried fruits. Food Technology and Hygiene Review, 5:98?101.

Bratakos, M.S., LAZOS, E.S., and Bratakos, S.M. (2002). Chromium content of selected Greek foods. The Science of the Total Environment, 290: 47-58.

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