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G. Aggelousis


George M. Aggelousis

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Latest Degree: Ph.D. University of Athens, Greece, 1988
Research Interests: Additives in bakery goods; Rheology of dough.
Teaching: Cereal Technology & Quality Control.

Scientific and Professional Organizations:

  • IFT
  • Association of Greek Food technologists
  • Greek Chemists Association

Selected Publications:

Aggelousis G. and Lazos E. S. (1991) Fatty acid composition of the lipids from eight freshwater fish species from Greece. J. Food Comp. Anal., 4:68-76

Aggelousis, G. and Lalas, S. (1997). Quality changes of selected vegetable oils during frying of doughnuts. La Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse. Vol Lxxiv: 559-565.

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