Main Staff E. Katsogiannos

Ε. K a t s o y a n n o s


Evangelos Katsoyannos

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Latest Degree: Dr. Technik, Technical University of Graz, Austria, 1982

Research Interests: Development of new foods; Functional foods; Natural Antioxidants; Food Industry Wastes Disposal

Teaching: Food Processing Lab, Food Processing Wastes

Scientific and Professional Organizations:

  • Union of Hellenic Chemical Engineers
  • Hellenic Engineers Union (TEE)
  • Union of Hellenic Chemical Industry
  • Engineers Union of TU Graz Austria

Selected Publications:
R. M. Lafferty and E. Katsogiannos. Biomass production for human nutrition with chemolithotroph microorganisms. Sonderdruck zentralblatt fuer Bacteriology, Band 252 (1977).

R. M. Lafferty, E. Heizle, E. Katsogiannos, F. Srienc, B. Sonnleituer. Kinetics of biotechnological production of biological polyester PHB. Advances in Biotechnology, 3:481-485 (1981).

E. Katsogiannos. PHB Production with Alcaligenes entrophus from acetic acid. Oesterreichische Chemie- Zeitschrift, 10: 218 (1979).

E. Katsogiannos, G. Lolos. Cheese whey recycling for the production of ethanol and proteins. Chimica Chronica, New Series, February 1994.

E. Katsogiannos, M. Tsesos. Biotechnology in the disposal of wastes from olive oil mills. PYRFOROS, NTUA, February 1999.

E. Katsogiannos, J. Giannakis, E. Conte, N. Katsaros. PHB production by Alcaligenes entrophus on waste components. 4th Hellenic Symposium for Polymers, Patras, November 1997.

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