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Workshops & Seminars: The next day of the F&B Industry

During FOODTECH 2021 trade show, workshops from industry experts that addressed the latest issues concerning the sector as well as topics that have emerged in the post-covid era, took place on all 4 days of the exhibition.

Leading speakers, experts, executives of the food and beverage industry, professionals in the fields of production, safety and quality management, marketing, packaging and members of institutions, shared their know-how at the pace required by the market, technological developments and the future of the industry in our country.

Monday 15 November 2021 | Post Show

The aim of the topics of today’s special events was to constitute an important platform for information, exchange of ideas among the field’s professionals, an opportunity for networking with other dynamic executives from prominent companies in the market, and to provide information about new data and developments worldwide. Today, during the FOODTECH Workshops & Seminars, the discussions were revolving around the “Modern Developments in Nutrition” and “Actions to reduce food waste along the supply chain”. Moreover, attendants had the opportunity at the end of the workshop to ask questions, and participate in the open discussion.

The rich program of FOODTECH Workshops & Seminars took place on all four days of the exhibition at the specially designed Stage in Hall 1.

A. Zambelas, Professor, Agricultural University of Athens

K. Vartaliti, Nestle

Sunday 14 November 2021 | Post Show

Today’s FOODTECH Workshops & Seminars revolved around 3 special themes and took place in the specially designed Stage of Hall 1. The 1st theme focused on the new trends in food safety and more specifically on the effect of the legislation and new materials in the food industry. Then, visitors’ interest focused on the second and last theme of the day, entitled “Digital tools in the F&B industry”.
The rich program of FOODTECH Meat Lab is taking place on all four days of the exhibition at the specially designed Stage in Hall 1.

Tomorrow and final day of the exhibition, a different set of discussions and presentations will be hosted.

Spyros Vamvakas, Vice-president HMS

N. Gionis, P. Drilia, Z. Mousia, K. Samios, A.Theodorakopoulos, I. Rossis, Dr. A. Enotiadis

Saturday 13 November 2021 | Post Show

More specifically, today, Saturday, November 13, within the framework of FOODTECH Workshops & Seminars, there two Workshops were held; one on “Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) in the meat supply chain”, and another on “Technologies and Innovation in the production and packaging of food and beverages”, with modules that covered sectors, such as Meat – Meat Products, Olive Oil – Olives and Dairy. Moreover, Evina Spanou and Peter Kravaritis from NürnbergMesse Group analyzed the Know-how in food packaging, processing and technology.

At the photos from left to right: Mr. Petros Kravaritis (NurnbergMesse Group) and Panagiota Drilia (Analytika Ergastiria Tsakalidis)

Friday 12 November 2021 | Post Show

The 1st day started with a substantial and thorough presentation on the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is the current trend for automation and exchange of data in the production and packaging technologies. This was the focus of the Scientific Workshop entitled: “Industry 4.0, Applications in the Food Industry”. Among others, the following topics were discussed: Digital Twins and Industry 5.0, Optimized and safe operation of industrial food production units, through IoT, 5G, AI technologies, Innovative robotic applications in the Food Industry, The integration of robotics and the use of automations in the modern Food Industry, while there were also a Workshop from the Association of Cold Supply Chain and Logistics.



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