Main History


The School of Food Technology has evolved from origins at the Athens campus of the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens, in 1974.

Initially, the School of Food Technology consisted of only one Department, the Department of Plant Products Technology, then a second Department, the Department of Animal Products Technology was included (in 1983), and finally the two Departments combined to the Department of Food Technology (in 1985).

The Food processing Laboratory actually is the pilot plant of the Department:

It contains specialized instruments and food processing equipment to enable experimental processing, laboratory analyses, and product and storage evaluation. More detailed the pilot plant is equipped for experimental processing including freezing, canning, chilling, drying and concentration (evaporation, R/O, UF), extrusion, centrifugal separation & filtration. The pilot plant is especially well-equipped for heat exchange and fluid flow studies, as well as cereal, milk, fruit and vegetable processing.
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